Allow me to introduce myself….

Well hello there!!

I’m going to spare us the cliche and slightly annoying “My name is…” intro for two reasons: 1. If you continue to follow my blog, I want you do so because you’re intrigued or inspired rather than because of who I am (although this reason is still deeply appreciated ^___^) and 2. Because it’s in my url! 

I’ve decided to start blogging because just like every other desperate soul at the beginning of the new year, I too began to question my existence and wonder what I’ve actually done with time that I’ve been so generously given the last 24 years. Here I am at such a prime and ripe age (What am I, a fruit??) surrounded by amazing friends, having just completed my first semester of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA to show for it, yet I still feel incomplete.  What is it that I’m missing? Am I just being dramatic? These are questions I often ask myself as I try to process and grapple with the fact that I know that I’m missing something out of this flaky thing called life but I have absolutely no idea what that is.  

As I began to digest what has the likings of a mid-twenties life crisis, I realized that as necessary as it was for me to focus on what was missing, I needed to start with what I actually have first.  Trying to start at the beginning of my life was difficult but admirable in retrospect, nonetheless.  So instead of going back as far as the land of diaper rashes and sippy cups, I decided to start with the most present stuff then gradually digress back down memory lane (I just couldn’t resist that one-liner!).  In an ambitious and what some would call cheesy way to document my life, this blog will serve as an active vision board of sorts to thoroughly investigate exactly how I got to where I am today; although I know a lot of that will have to do with God and my parents. Eww. 

So I welcome you to join me on what I’m sure will be a pretty eclectic but entertaining journey for you and I.  Hopefully, I’ll discover something new about myself besides the fact that I’m long-winded.  I’ve started out on this venture to keep a running tab of who I am and where I’m headed so that if and when I find myself in the same position later on down the line, I’ll have something to show for this crazy journey call life other than tweets and Facebook posts! Hopefully, you’ll develop a sudden urge to challenge your existence in a world of 7 billion people and gain a clearer sense of who you are; the best you, stripped down & vulnerable in the purest form.

Stay tuned!

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” -UnknownImage 



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